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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

The sorting garbage law absurdity of San Francisco - Makes me want to move to Daly City

Remember the slogans I posted here a year ago? Here's why I would move to Daly City:
  • "We still use plastic bags and styrofoam boxes."
  • "Lower sales tax rate and we've got TARGET!"
We can add to the list for literally any city other than San Francisco: "at least I don't have to sort my trash without a garbage company rat reporting to the city government." (News stories at SFist and Chronicle).

Can I just say, I really hate the way our city operates. We now have this new law that if we don't sort our trash correctly, we will get fined. What the hell is this bullshit? Why does this city need to be some kind of "nanny state?"

Sure, I'm proud this city has the highest recycling rate in the country as it sets a good example for other cities and towns to do the same, but now making it a law to tell people to do it or be fined with $100 fines is total crap.

So like... what's the standard to get a damn citation?
  • Finding one piece of paper in a garbage bin full of legitimate trash in the black bin?
  • Finding a non-greasy pizza box in the compost bin?
  • Finding a plastic fork in the garbage bin?
What happens if your neighbor wants to seek revenge or some random person on the street dumps the wrong items in the trash? Is this city going to have to buy every citizen a padlock to secure their three garbage bins?

Isn't torturing us citizens with the ban on styrofoam and plastic bags at the grocery store enough? Sheesh.


Anonymous said...

What gets me is the cost of the people they will need to enforce the "new law" - the monies could be well spent on other needy initiatives

Clint said...

its annoying but americans just need to be pushed and punished before they do anything especially when it comes to pollution...you gotta read and watch videos on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch. Once you do you'll understand why its great that SF is banning styrofoam, plastic bags, and has strict garbage laws.



Empowered Follower said...

Another reason to move to Daly City... Our preferential area parking permits are free.

Unknown said...

Just so everyone's clear, San Francisco has specifically stated that it does not plan to use fines except in extreme cases (i.e. a major trash producer that repeatedly has not properly sorted its trash). As far as I know, even though the city does technically have the ability to do so, it does not plan on using its enforcement ability for cases that the other commenters have identified.