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Monday, June 22, 2009

It Happened Again - Muni Fare Inspectors Checking Baseball Fans TWICE

As I previously reported last week, San Francisco Muni's infamous fare inspectors are wasting taxpayer money by checking Giants baseball game passengers returning from the ballpark twice: once while entering the ballpark platform, and another time after leaving Embarcadero station.


Let me go over what happened yesterday (Sunday):
  1. The Giants beat the Texas Rangers.
  2. I boarded the ballpark platform where a fare inspector (including infamous #32) was checking for payment.
  3. I rode the train.
  4. Exited at Embarcadero to be checked again by two fare inspectors at the fare gates.

Hasn't Muni learned a damn lesson from last Sunday? Odds of catching a fare evader at Embarcadero after a Giants game: Next to zero. Odds of catching a fare evader if inspectors moved to another station: better chance.

It really defeats the purpose of checking a second time if ALL the baseball game fans can't even get on the damn train at 2nd & King platform without showing a pass or transfer.

Muni Fare Inspectors are a total waste of tax money; why the hell should I be forced to pay $2 on July 1st, and suffer future bus line cuts and re-routes?


See this previous blog posting to learn just how much Muni wastes on these bunch of clowns' salaries.

Read more about our city's dumbass fare inspectors here

(Photo from Flickr user: qviri, using a creative Commons License)

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