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Monday, June 29, 2009

A Summary of Public Transit Changes in SF Bay Area (Starting July 1, 2009)

Public transportation is going to hurt like hell in just a few days. So here's a summary of all the changes you will experience on July 1, 2009.

San Francisco Muni (see all info here):
  • Adult cash fare increases to $2.
  • Youth and discount cash fare increases to: $0.75.
  • Adult monthly fast pass increases to $55.
  • Youth, senior, and disabled fast pass increases to $15.
  • Adult token ticket (10-ride) book increases to $20.
  • Adult special event bus service (excludes AT&T Park) increases to $10.
  • Youth and discount special event bus service increases to $7.
  • Any passenger with a valid pass on special event bus services must pay a surcharge, that increases to $5.
  • Route modifications, increases, decreases, and eliminations will happen in the coming months.

AC Transit
  • Adult cash fare increases to $2.
  • Youth and discount cash fare increases to $1.
  • 10-ride tickets increases to $20 for adults and $10 for youth/discount.
  • Adult local 31-day pass increases to $80.
  • What won't change: Youth local 31-day pass stays at $15, and senior/discount monthly pass stays at $20.
  • Adult Transbay fare increases to $4.
  • Youth/discount Transbay fare increases to $2
  • 31-day Transbay pass increases to $132.50.
  • Translink will take-over all magnetic media for Transbay bus service in a couple of months.
  • Changes in routes, including the 82/82L on July 3, 2009.

Golden Gate Transit & Ferry
There is a 5% fare increase for all services, except Marin Transit.

(All info here)
  • 6.1% fare increase for everyone.
  • Inter San Francisco fare increases to $1.75 (but cheaper than Muni).
  • San Francisco International Airport surcharge increases to $4.
  • Eight stations will start participating in $1 per day parking.
  • Weekend service wait time to increase to 20 minutes (eff. September).
  • Weekend and night service to Colma, San Bruno, South SF, Millbrae, and SFO be reduced to one train line (FAIL coming soon!).

What you can do to reduce the impact of fare hikes and route changes:
  1. Plan ahead! Check the agency's website for all route changes and remember to have your revised cash fare ready before you head out for public transit. Nobody likes waiting for you to pay your fare if you forgot the quarter.
  2. Use NextBus on your cell phone and bookmark it on your home and work computer. It means less time waiting for your bus and instead spending that few extra minutes doing something else. If your agency doesn't use NextBus, read the bus/ferry schedule carefully.
  3. If you ride AC Transit, Muni, and/or Golden Gate Transit/Ferry, get a Translink card. Faster payment means less hassle digging in your pocket for cash. Golden Gate gives a generous discount, even if you don't ride frequently.
  4. Ask your employer for Commuter Check or a similar program. People can save an average of 20% on public transit, van pooling, and parking.
  5. Since the previous BART strike, people like the AC Transit Transbay service and won't ever go back to BART. It's cheaper and you get a free local transfer.
  6. If all else fails, casual carpool your butt. Just remember the rules of being a "slug," you are getting a free ride, so don't tell the driver to change the radio or give suggestions, always ask permission to open windows, don't pay the driver any money, and always say 'thank you' to the driver when you exit.

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