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Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Costco Selling Discounted Tickets for KING TUT Exhibit at De Young Museum - $26.99!

Just yesterday (Tuesday), I visited Costco El Camino to grab a copy of the new Family Guy DVD, and a great bargain showed up...

If you have not purchased your tickets for the King Tut exhibition happening at the De Young Museum starting in about ten days (ends in late March), now is the time to purchase your tickets.

Costco is selling the King Tut exhibit tickets WITH audio tour for ONLY $26.99 EACH. (No tax)

To compare prices, here's what you get by going online through Ticketmaster:
  • Regular ticket price: $27.50, $3.75 service fee, free will-call or standard mail, and $7 for the audio tour. TOTAL: $38.25.
  • American Express cardholder special: $22, $3.75 service fee, free will-call or standard mail, and $7 for the audio tour. TOTAL: $32.75.
Using COSTCO: You SAVE AT LEAST $5.76 and up to $11.26.

(When you buy it at Costco, you are given a voucher with a special code. You go online to the the website specified, claim the code, and purchase your ticket any day and time of your choice.)

Some tips for you crazy folks trying to get to the De Young:
TAKE THE BUS. Yeah, I hate Muni, but it's going to be totally worth it. Although the CultureBus will eventually have a painful death, the 44 bus takes you right in front of the museum. If you don't mind walking a little, the 5 and 71 drops you off at the entrance of Golden Gate Park, and the N-Judah is an extra block walk from the entrance of the park.

If you feel nuts to take your car, use this train of thought: "How early should I arrive to park my car?" Now, add an extra 2 hours to that.

In all honesty, if you have to take the car, be prepared to make it an all day trip. You may want to find a parking space deep in the avenues of the Outer Richmond District and take 5-Fulton to the museum. Good luck finding a space in that expensive garage or something nearby (yeah right).


AVCr8teur said...

Thanks for the info about how the Costco discount works. I figure if I go on a weekday after school starts, it might be easier to find parking.

Anonymous said...

It seems that kids' tickets are still cheaper without the Costco discount. Can those be purchased at the same time as the vouchers are redeemed to ensure getting times together?

mistert said...

frankly, I hope Live Nation takes TicketMaster down. That business has been had the monopoly on convenient ticket buying for way too long. Live Nation has recently done things like no service charge days and bundled packages.In these times when many are concerned for the economy, but still wanting to get entertained, that type of marketing should be a winner!

Unknown said...

First of all, thanks for the info about the vouchers at Costco. I didn't know about them until I saw your post on the site.

Things to know about the Costco Vouchers so buyer beware:

1. If you buy the vouchers the earliest time you can get a ticket is 24 hours from the time you enter the voucher code online. It isn't posted anywhere in the store or on the vouchers. You cannot get them in the morning and expect to buy tickets with them for the afternoon. Major bummer

2. If after you book your tickets something comes up, you cannot switch to a different date or time. You are just out the money and out of luck.

3. Ticketmaster is NO help at all

RonP said...

I need someone's help in figuring out how to enter my Redemtpion Voucher code at the deYoung site.

The CostCo voucher says to go to deyoungmuseum.org/voucher. It really connects you to famsf.something or other.

Any tips, please, would be most welcome.

Akit said...

famsf is the parent company.

When typing in the address, it gets forwarded to:

Unknown said...

Do you have information on buying kids' tickets at regular price and adult tickets through Costco? Can the kids' tickets be bought first and refunded if adult tickets turn out not to work?

Akit said...

I don't have any info about that. Costco only sells the adult vouchers.

Anonymous said...

i went to the website to redeem the voucher, but i can't find where to redeem the costco voucher on the site...help!

Akit said...

I don't know how to answer your question. The website is on the voucher, and you are supposed to enter the claim code and follow the instructions on the website.

Akit said...

Here's the answer, the voucher code is CASE SENSITIVE.