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Thursday, June 18, 2009

SF Planning Commission Vote NEXT WEEK on Japantown Better Neighborhood Plan

Next week is the big vote on the Japantown Better Neighborhood plan.

(The portion below is being written in a neutral position)

Here's some info you need to know:

  • Thursday, June 25, 2009.
  • City Hall of San Francisco, room 400 hearing chambers.
  • Meeting starts at: 1:30PM. Unknown time of when the J-Town part will start.
  • Agenda (not yet posted) but will be on this page. Look for June 25, 2009.
  • Public comment is allowed, but recommends you fill-out a speaker card.
  • To express your opinions, please visit the Planning Commission's website.
The SF Planning Commission will be voting to accept or reject the draft neighborhood plan.
They cannot legally "approve" it because there is no environmental report.


(The portion below is solely the opinion of this author)

I think it would be best if the Commission rejects the plan, or if possible, delay the vote for at least a few months.

Here's my reasons why I want them to reject or delay the vote:
  1. The release of the draft document came out way too late; thereby only giving any interested person who did not participate in working on the plan only ONE MONTH to review the documents before the vote.
  2. The rush of the documents is possibly because the city does not have any more funding to cover the staff who have been working on this project for the last couple of years, and the fiscal year funding is ending this month.
  3. Because of the lack of time to review the huge document, I feel that concerned citizens, including myself, needs extra time to review the details.
  4. Many people who are known as "leaders" of the community endorse this plan (not all, some prominent leaders don't like it), but there are many people who are community members (no leadership position within the community) rejects some of the details of the plan.
  5. Until a fair compromise between the endorsers and rejects is made, this community will be torn apart by the bullshit politics regarding the future of this small community.
  6. Getting a hard copy of the plan from the city costs $40. I'm broke dude. Yeah, it's a lame excuse, but makes a point.
  7. I don't like the idea of allowing the City to basically say "OK" to raising the height limits for the Japan Center. During the construction phase, we lose PARKING SPACES in the lot, and MOST OF THE BUSINESSES HAVE NO PLACE TO GO when the building is shut-down. And their compromise to have a weekly "farmers market" style events in the community is a shameful substitute to losing the revenue made everyday.
To sign a petition opposing the J-Town plan, visit this site:

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