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Friday, September 25, 2009

Clipping Nails on Muni - Very Annoying

The unofficial rules of the bus is to stay off the cell phone, don't take more than one seat, do not block the exit doorway, and keep conversations in a quiet voice.

But someone always has to break that silence... the nail clippers. The sound of the clipper making that loud clipping sound disturbs the peace of public transit. Regardless of where you sit on the bus or train, someone in that vehicle is doing something really nasty.


I've had one experience when I was riding the bus back home and the passenger behind my seat was clipping her nails in public. It lasted for nearly 15 blocks until I finally snapped, turned around, and told her to stop doing it. Her excuse: "don't speak English."

In my pissed-off rage, I told her very slowly, "DO NOT CLIP YOUR NAILS ON THE BUS" and even did a mime impression to show that it's not right.

Sure enough, she didn't get the damn message and just kept clipping. The bus driver never got involved and I was the only passenger with the balls to confront her.

I'm proud of what I did, you don't do that annoying crap EVER in public. Get your butt home and you can spend your precious time clipping your nails.


There has to be a health code violation or something... especially when the person litters them all over the ground.

What do you feel is the most annoying thing people do on public transportation?

(Photo from Flickr user "Mr. T in DC" using a Creative Commons License)


Erorg said...

Racist as it sounds, most old Asian ladies are the culprits of this deed of clipping nails. Its socially accepted and considered an act of good hygiene in many Asian countries to do this in public. So is picking ones nose and making a ball of the mess and flicking it to the floor.

I dont think you are wrong for asking someone to stop, and ignorance is no excuse for not knowing the law - the law here, is KEEP THE NOISE DOWN ON THE BUS!
If you dont speak English, then maybe you should learn, or just be treated harshly.

Whole Wheat Toast said...

Once I saw this white lady clipping nails on the 27...lasted for 10 blocks. By block three I was already trying to get a picture of her...after she saw me trying to get a picture of her...she CONTINUES to clip her nails. And she's white!

Anonymous said...

I've seen it too many times on the N-Judah.

KrystalP said...

Thanks Akit! I actually started following you a while ago. I am an SF State journalism major. I couldn't believe that I saw people clipping their nails on MUNI when I moved here. I don't know if this is something that happens everywhere or if it is a jewel in SF's atmosphere. But thankfully I am not alone.