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Monday, September 7, 2009

Ouch, Bay Bridge will not re-open in time

Well folks, the word is the Bay Bridge won't open at 5AM on Tuesday, so that means... get ready for insanity. People planned early for the Friday closure and was able to get time off, but don't expect your boss to give the OK a second time. Lucky me, my butt is furloughed tomorrow, but I'll have to take the brunt of the Giants game with fighting for an afternoon parking space in a lot.

Isn't it strange that just a month ago, BART unions threatened to strike during Labor Day Weekend, and now they are the heroes for transporting people to and from work during this extended closure?

Let's learn about the alternatives to getting around:
  1. The other bridges can take the brunt, but get ready for traffic hell.
  2. BART will not run 24-hour service, so if you miss the last train, you are screwed. They will run all the trains in their stock to make-up for the massive crowds.
  3. The Alameda/Oakland ferry is running half-hour service and will still do the Giants ballgame service.
  4. Golden Gate Ferry will add one extra departure at 7:30 at Larkspur using their slower Spaulding boat. They will do a Giants game trip.
  5. Golden Gate Transit will NOT add additional buses (assholes!).
  6. Baylink (Vallejo) ferry will NOT have Giants ballgame ferry service. An extra boat will be running to transport people.
For a summary of all expanded (and not so expanded) services, visit here.


Giants fans, Tuesday's evening game is going to suck...
  • BART and Muni is your best bet, but you'll get jammed with the commuters trying to get home.
  • Ferries is a good idea, but the only one I can find right now is Golden Gate. Baylink WILL NOT have service.
  • If you live locally, how about getting a parking permit? Check on Stubhub for those.
Tickets are going for cheap for Tuesday's game: Use code "GIANTSK" at the Giants website and get...
  • $43 Club Outfield tickets.
  • $29 Club Left Field
  • $23 Lower Box
  • $6 View (Upper) Reserved
Dang... I got sucker punched because I got $20 upper box tickets.


Lastly, if you are going to the Giants-Dodgers game on Friday, you can get $25 upper reserved tickets instead of paying $32 with code "CAIN."

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