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Monday, April 26, 2010

9 Really Bad Habits People Do on Muni

After reading the popular posting on SFgate called: "Heinous crimes to commit in San Francisco" that has a list of basically annoying crap that people do on the streets of our city, I thought to myself, I can make it a step better by making a list of my own.

So on my way back home on the 18-46th Avenue, I wrote down a bunch of ideas down. Here's what I got...

Really Bad Habits People Do on San Francisco Muni
  1. Boarding the back door. Just today, I took the 8X-Bayshore Express from the Hall of Justice (jury duty) to Market street, and I'm trying to exit the bus, but this old Chinese lady boards and continues shoving me while I'm trying to exit. She crushes me against the center handrail and nearly destroyed the proximity card I carry to work.
  2. Take a shower asshole, because you smell like one. On my ride home on the 18, this guy carrying a couple of grocery bags smelled like pee, really nasty pee. The passengers were opening windows, and I was near the point of puking. If you smell bad, or you put on too much cologne/perfume, do me a favor, call a taxi.
  3. Clipping your nails. If you read my blog, it's one of my popular entries. Clipping nails is one of the nastiest things to do while on the bus. Littering the ground with nails, and the loud noise it generates just pisses people off, but no passenger has the balls to stand up and say: "do your shit at home!"
  4. Yak yak yak on that cell phone. Please do me a favor, either hang-up or talk so silently that the person next to you can't hear a thing. I don't need to hear that your prescription Viagra didn't work.
  5. Carrying porno on the bus. I don't want to know that some star is doing their first (censored!). I remember several years back and I was riding the 38 Geary and this guy was hiding porno behind his jacket and it accidentally fell to the floor. How embarrassing!
  6. Farting. Also known as passing gas and the dutch oven. If you are old and fart on the bus, it's time to use one of those bathroom stick ons near your butt to cover the smell.
  7. Ringing the bell late. There is no excuse if you ring the bell with just feet to go before the next stop. Half a block please.
  8. Stealing all the info pamphlets from the bus. If the pamphlet holder says "take one," it doesn't mean TAKE THEM ALL! There's this jackass on the 18-46th Avenue bus in the mornings who steals all of them, every single pamphlet (no matter how useless the info is). When Muni did serious re-routes on December 5th and published colorful pamphlets, that asshole took every single one of them from every single holder, and did it again the next day.
  9. Paying the fare box with coins, other than quarters. I want to get to work, or get to a nice place for dinner, so please don't waste my time by feeding the farebox with nickels and dimes. And for those assholes to pay with pennies, it's time you went to a Coinstar machine.
Here's your opportunity for your annoying observations, post a comment!


- susy - said...

-For some wonderful reason, people love to sit on the back of the bus and eat sunflower seeds... and leave their empty shells ALL OVER THE SEATS AND FLOORS.
-On rainy days, there are ALWAYS jackasses that just HAVE to place their umbrella on the perfectly dry seat next to them. Seat wasted.
-People who DO NOT give up their seats for eldery, disabled and pregnant women. I know it's not a law or requirement other than at the front of the bus but it is called common decency.
- There's always one asshole out there who is BLASTING their music in their headphones loud enough for the rest of the train to hear. We don't care to listen to your Lil Wayne tracks okay? Thanks. It's even worse then they sing along.

Akit said...

Great ones! Especially the umbrella one.

Anonymous said...

- Little wannabe thugs blasting rap music from their cell phones.

- Bad breath during all hours of the day. Ain't that hard to keep your mouth closed for 20 mins.

- Cleaning an ear out with rolled up kleenex then discarding it on the floor. This is a new one I just saw the other day but look for it to pick up more momentum in 2010!

- People that do not stand sideways while standing up on the bus. Whenever there's a stop, their momentum carries forward so they hit the person in front of them. Whenever the bus driver hits the gas, their momentum pushes backwards so they bump into the person behind them. It's a no win situation being a human pinball. STAND SIDEWAYS!

Akit said...

Eeeew on the ear tissue one.

Anonymous said...

Re. #7: It's even painted on many of the cable cars: "HALF-BLOCK NOTICE BEFORE STOP YOU WANT". This ain't rocket surgery, people.

The other day I came across some jackass who was playing a *guitar* on the 38, and taking up two seats to do it. Listen, fool, Muni is not a music studio. Can it until you get home.

Another pet peeve: not moving to the back of the bus. This leads to situations with the whole front half of a 60' articulated coach being crammed, while the aisle in the rear half is pretty much desolate. Really, guys, why does Muni even need to run the audio announcements? This should be basic.

Also, re. #1: those who board Muni without paying should be dropped as far from their destinations as possible. Going to the Ferry Building on the L without paying? Enjoy walking there from the zoo.