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Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Golden Gate Park Shuttle? Does anyone ride it?

I have to really question the folks who manage Golden Gate Park. As we all know, the entire city is in a budget mess and that includes the Park's department as well.

As you may also have known, the parks folks have pimped their park out to the OutsideLands festival for $1.5 million, and everyone knows that last year's event was an entire disaster, not just for Muni and the people who suffered, but the park's irrigation system was destroyed, grass damaged, and litter everywhere.

So how does the Golden Gate Park management get the money to contract a shuttle service from Bauers charter bus service? Bauers is known for their ultra premium commuter service that shuttles people in comfort to their work places and in prominent locations in certain cities.

And... the buses used are mini sized buses with those super comfy commuter seats.

The price: $2 for an all day ticket.
Sounds like it's subsidized.

I was waiting for the 44 Muni bus next to the De Young Museum last Saturday and a one of those shuttle buses pulled-up. Did I see anyone in there? No.

It's almost like the farce known as CultureBus. Empty and wasteful. Save the city budget, stop wasting money government folks.


Anonymous said...

The Culture bus goes away in October

Akit said...

No shit Sherlock. Everyone's known that for a while now.

Anonymous said...

This just in, the last run for the Culture bus will be 8/15/09

Akit said...

Where did you hear that?

Anonymous said...

Regarding the shuttles for Outsidelands: Pickup locations include Daly City Bart station and Stonestown parking lot. Does anyone in an official capacity at those locations know about it? I think not.
This year we were promised more outreach to residents near the park (any outreach would be more than last year). There were supposed to be meetings and mailings and tons of public notices. For those of us on the southside of the park so far nothing. No mailings, no public notices of meetings. I heard from a friend that the group that runs the Sunset Playground festival and a Parkside group were supposed to sponsor meetings re the concert but mysteriously canceled all meetings for the summer. Is someone getting a payoff? Too suspicious.

Akit said...

I've heard of a meeting on Thursday, July 23rd at 7PM at the Botanical Gardens building (9th and Lincoln) when scouring around the web just a couple of days ago, but I'm not sure if that meeting really exists.

The topic was supposed to be about OutsideLands putting fencing around a huge portion of the park for up to THREE WEEKS, thereby denying access to anyone who walks their dog or jogs around the park areas affected.