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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

72 hour advance notice of a BART strike? Yeah Right

As you may have known, in order for BART and their unions to have a contract extension for nine days, the unions agreed to provide advance notice of a strike and it must be at least 72 hours.

A notice for an upcoming strike has not been released, so it looks like the negotiations are continuing.

When you think about it... a 72 hour notice is helpful for the public to prepare for the worst nightmare in the Bay Area.

But really...

The union doesn't have to give notice. They could call a strike at any time without advance warning if negotiations falls through.

Like what's the punishment for all the employees of BART if they strike without advance warning? Everyone gets fired? Fat chance, then the system will have to train new people and that will take many months.

Maybe the punishment will be a lockout from BART management; but in a PR point of view, that's a really bad image for the agency because locking out their workers for even one day will cause the general public to hate on BART for a long time. Even the last strike took ridership away when it ended, this is because people loved the AC Transit Transbay service so much that they stuck with it.

Hey, while BART's going trigger happy and I want to make their blood boil... when will Translink be activated?

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