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Friday, July 17, 2009

As Expected: SEIU Votes Down BART's Contract Proposal & How You can Take REVENGE

As many of us expected, BART's largest union, the SEIU has voted against a contract proposal from BART management.

SFgate reports 98.5% of union folks voted against it, with only about sixteen people saying they like the plan. Solidarity my ass, at least some want the strike to end.

What makes me scratch my head is, why do they feel like they deserve more, such as pay raise when everyone else has either been laid-off, furloughed, or had their pay cut? What makes BART so damn unique that their unions have the leverage to get more stuff while everyone else is getting crap?

It's greed. Simple greed in its purest form.

So here's my solution, go and strike, I don't give a damn anymore. You (the union) may have the power to totally make the whole Bay Area "shut down" (you got us in the balls), but the truth is, we'll find a way to survive and we'll find our ways to get revenge against BART.


Here's how you can take revenge:
  1. If you commute to/from the East Bay, why not try AC Transit? Since the last strike over 10 years ago, people tried AC Transit transbay service and never turned back. The price is right and the bus lines may stop in a more convenient spot than say... driving your car to a full BART lot?
  2. Have you tried casual carpooling?
  3. Just boycott BART.
  4. Go to their picket lines, cross it several times back and forth to piss them off.
  5. Go to their picket lines and taunt them for being greedy bastards.
  6. If BART is still in operation, keep taunting the station agent of why your Translink card is not working.
  7. BART management is on Twitter, why not pester them for a while? Haven't found Linton Johnson's twitter, still looking!
  8. BART's labor unions is on Twitter too, why not send them some creative messages?
Do you have any other revenge tactics? Post them in the comments!

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