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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Where's the 2nd SF Muni Translink Survey?

San Francisco Muni/SFMTA is really slacking-off about the Translink program. They were to occasionally send surveys to the people who registered for the trial, but hasn't sent one since last February since I published it on my blog. That's FIVE MONTHS AGO!

While I have your attention, when the hell will BART activate the gates for Translink cards to be accepted? 2010 is a bullshit answer BART PR. Stop slacking off and turn on the damn thing.

If the SFMTA/Muni and/or Translink doesn't want to publish the survey, why not do the survey by copy the questions below and pasting it with your answers in the comments section! As long as you have a Translink card and used it on Muni, you can participate (regardless if you registered with Muni for the testing program).

1: On a 1-5 scale, where 1 is terrible and 5 is excellent, rate your overall satisfaction of using the Translink card (in general).

2: Using the same scale, rate your overall satisfaction of using the Translink card on vehicles (buses, metro, and historic trolleys). Use "N/A" if you have not used it.

3: Using the same scale, rate your overall satisfaction of using Translink on the metro "exit" gates. Use "N/A" if you have not used it.

4: How many times have you used the Translink card in a week?

5: Have you encountered any problems with the card reader? If yes, describe.

6: Have you encountered any problems with Muni employees when using the Translink card? If yes, please describe.

7: Did you encounter a fare inspector while in possession of your proof of payment, the Translink card? If yes, what did they do with the card? (Examples: Flash and it's OK, use their own card reader device, and tag the card to a vehicle reader).

8: Do you have any other comments?


Erik said...

They sent me a survey a little while ago. I think it was within the last couple of weeks, definitely more recent than February.

Unknown said...

Yeah, I got a survey request (via email) a week or two ago.

And I want BART translink! Though I should probably go get all my myriad BART cards put together on one first ...