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Saturday, July 18, 2009

Public Relations Nightmare - SF Muni and BART

Things can't get any uglier for Bay Area public transit... could it?

Muni just had a major accident at the West Portal station when a metro train collided with a stationary metro train. Luckily, nobody was killed, but there are dozens hurt. Odds are that ambulance chasers are at SF General hospital looking for victims and fare inspectors are asking themselves... should I check for proof of payment of the victims at the hospital?

But that's not just Muni's own PR nightmare, just last Thursday, SFMTA chief Nat Ford admitted that fare evasion is a multi-million dollar problem, but as many of us have known that for a long time. Just based on what Nat Ford has stated, tons of bloggers have gone on the offensive with opinions (SFappeal, SFist, SFgate comments).


But how can we not forget about BART? Their PR nightmare is as bad as Muni's:

On Thursday, BART had a serious accident at the construction site of the future West Dublin station when a cherry picker was hovering way too low over the BART train tracks.

As always, the possibility of a strike looms over the Bay Area, but it seems like nobody gives a damn right now, but BART's PR office is as always busy putting their spin to the union's perspective.


And where's Mayor Greasyhead, I meant Newsom in all of this? No word from him, and if he wants to be a future governor, he needs to get involved in this public transit crap.

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