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Wednesday, July 15, 2009

BART's Second Largest Union Says "No" to Contract Offer

As many of us Bay Area folks have known, BART's unions are getting too damn greedy, and you can smell the stench miles away after their second largest union (Amalgamated) voted "100%" on not accepting the contract offer proposed by BART.

Really, that kind of solidarity of 100%?

The big sticking point to all of this is that BART proposed a wage freeze for three years and an increase of 0.75% in the fourth year. By going on BART's plan, it would save $100 million.

But for the union, their proposed plan was kicked in the nuts by BART because it would only save $60 million, still short of the agency's deficit.

In this economy, you'd be lucky you even have a job and odds are that getting a pay raise is near impossible. As BART is a taxpayer paid agency, why should they deserve a raise when other public workers (of the non-transit type) are getting their butts furloughed and salaries cut?

Higher fares, lower ridership, and greedy unions... something is definitely wrong here.


SF Muni has posted some helpful options for you struggling people, this map shows the numerous city owned and private parking lots within the downtown region, but you should also be aware that SFMTA has established sanctioned casual carpool areas near the carpool ramp of the Bay Bridge in the event of a strike.
  • Beale between Harrison and Folsom serves Fremont and Dublin/Pleasanton routes.
  • Beale between Folsom and Howard serves Richmond and Pittsburg Bay Pt. line.
Muni also provided a map for local buses and trains that serves all the SF BART stations, including the Daly City station.

One mistake is that Muni forgot to tell passengers to use the 28 and 28L lines also serves Daly City station. A passenger can easily transfer to/from the 28 and 28L by using the "M" Ocean View line at either Stonestown platform or SF State platform. The 54-Felton is not usually the best bus line, but a quicker ride to/from downtown would be the 28 and M.

1 comment:

Whole Wheat Toast said...

They also forgot the 26-Valencia, which virtually connects all the BART stations in San Francisco (except Montgomery and Embarcadero) within a block of the route.