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Thursday, August 13, 2009

BART strike? I'm so scared...

It's time to sing (stress reducing) songs and get ready for hell if you take BART to work starting Monday.

SEIU voted: 75% in favor and the managers voted 86% in favor. But 66% of the ATU rejects their contract? What the hell is wrong with the ATU? I feel they know that if the operators and agents reject the contract and strike, they can cripple the system. If the janitors strike, the trains might be a little dirty, but will still run.

This won't get the pubic happy, especially when the other unions say "yes" and just one says "no."

Before we start pooping our pants, let's get your alternatives:
  1. BART shuttles running between East Bay stations and downtown SF. It's $5 a ride, but don't expect any guarantee of a seat, and your ass will get stuck in traffic on the freeways.
  2. AC Transit transbay service. While cheaper in cost, you might also get stuck in traffic; but on the brighter side, they quickly get on and off the Bay Bridge via commuter lanes and their special ramp access to/from Transbay terminal.
  3. East Bay ferry service. This is going to be a popular choice.
  4. Larkspur ferry service. Golden Gate Transit stops at El Cerrito Del Norte station and can eventually get you to Larkspur for the ferry.
  5. Casual carpooling... yep, traffic jams.
  6. Alternate working schedules, how about still getting stuck during off-hours.
  7. Telecommute?
My best suggestion, take a vacation.


I'm lucky that I don't commute on BART. Unfortunately, I'm being furloughed by the Cal State University system on Monday, and the "furlough adventure" poll to visit the Rockridge district of Oakland may need to be called-off (I wanted to use TRANSLINK THAT DAY!). I may consider some of the alternatives like Twin Peaks or the Cable Car Museum. But I may also decide to see if there are any BART picketers to taunt and take photos at a nearby downtown SF station.


Anonymous said...

"This won't get the pubic happy..." I like that.

murphstahoe said...

I definitely vote for Akit's first furlough adventure to be a counter-picket of BART!

Akit said...


I am laughing so loud right now!