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Monday, August 2, 2010

Clipper and WageWorks - Not a Happy Relationship

The Clipper and Wageworks folks are not on happy terms today...

Here's an announcement from Clipper on Facebook:
"We have experienced an issue processing the Wage Works Transit Benefit orders for the month of August. The issue has been identified and we are working towards a resolution. Your order may be available beginning Tuesday morning, August 3rd but may take an additional 2-3 days depending on the transit system your ride. We apologize for any inconvenience this has caused and we thank you for your patience."
Big surprise? Maybe for some, but not for me.

Here's the reason why it's not a surprise for me, Clipper and WageWorks have been at odds with each other. On Friday, June 25th, I reported that an upcoming Clipper board meeting on Monday, June 28th was going to address the problems between the two organizations. Here's what I stated:
"WageWorks and Clipper are not on happy terms when it comes to contract terms for peoples' WageWorks account funds being transferred to a Clipper account. The problem is being worked on by both sides, and affects approximately 5,000 people. If all else fails, Clipper will inform customers affected."
It looks like the war between the two has started.

For those who use WageWorks or literally any other commuter benefits company: ask for a debit card. I've used automatic transfer of funds from Commuter Check and Clipper, and they've sometimes didn't post my funds it until it was too late. Using a special debit card allows you to use the automated add value machines for instant funding of the card (no more 72 hour delays).


Anonymous said...

I am 1 of the 5,000 people having the issue. August was going to be my first month switching over to Clipper and its a nightmare. If I will have to pay cash to go to work, I will be one upset person because I already have this money taken out of my pay check.

Thanks for blogging about this, I have yet to see anything else online.

Anonymous said...

Yay, this is affecting me too. Called up WageWorks and they said to call Clipper. Called Clipper, circuit was busy. Called Clipper, circuit was busy. Called Clipper, circuit was busy. Called Clipper, was told "Yes we know, wait a day. Good bye!"