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Thursday, August 12, 2010

Muni Publishes Service Restoration Schedule

Service restoration... not the two words you'd typically hear from Muni, but here it comes folks. Muni is not giving full restoration to the messed-up cuts they've done, but will do some half-assed restoration job that still has some of us passengers fuming.

It's not a full blown restoration for my favorite bus line, the 18-46th Avenue. The administrative clowns still forces the line to drive through Balboa instead of the 38-Geary doing the job, and still doesn't make sense on why they just won't kill-off the Fort Miley route since the hospital is just one block from the 38L-Geary Limited stop at 42nd Avenue.

The 18 will instead have their restoration be more frequency (more like an extra bus on the road). During mid-day weekday service, it is currently operating at 25 minute frequencies, but will now be changed to 20 minute frequencies. If the 18 was to return to it's true normal service, it should also include 15 minute frequencies (now 20 minutes) on rush hours, and weekends every 20 minutes (now 25 minutes).

For those of you suffering through the slow(est) commuting on the M-Ocean View and K-Ingleside bus shuttles due to the St. Francis Circle construction project, there's some good news. Muni will restore rail service starting September 4th. Sorry L-Taraval passengers, but your reign of increased frequencies and two-car trains on weekends will sadly come to an end.

Review the frequency schedule and more information. But note, there's no word about a time schedule, not just yet.

1 comment:

Marcie said...

I wish the L-Taraval was more frequent right now. The Ls run more frequently to West Portal but then they either turn around there, turn around at 22nd Ave (all without telling you what is going to happen until they kick you off) or sit in the tunnel outside West Portal for 20 min while they turn trains around. I will be glad to get back to normal along with all of the K and M riders!