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Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Update: There was TWO Problems with Clipper

Well, I guess my little break from writing about Clipper is over...

I just noticed a fresh posting on Facebook by the Clipper folks:
"Update on two recent system problems: 1) Customers who order value online or over the phone should now be able to tag their cards at a BART fare gate and receive the value; if you still have a problem, try tagging the card at a Muni reader or insert the card in an Add Value Machine; 2) Customers who added value for August through WageWorks should receive value today, tomorrow or Friday at the latest."
I knew about the WageWorks-Clipper problems, but BART gates not being able to add funds is a new one for me.

Just wait until November when all Muni "A" pass and disabled sticker passengers are forced to go Clipper only. That'll get interesting; that is, if Clipper can shake-out the bugs really soon.


Anonymous said...

That does not seem to be a good solution. Since the readers are programmed to deduct value upon tagging, that could mean a BART rider will have to buy a Muni ride for $2 if the BART reader does not add the value correctly.

Anonymous said...

I would say that there's one more problem with clipper: According to the Clipper website, if the reader on the bus is not working, then you are *required* to pay cash fare.

Why should I carry around $2 with me at all times when I've got a valid Muni pass on Clipper? Even if I have stored value instead of a pass, then it doesn't seem like it should be my problem if the Clipper reader refuses to accept it.

It seems that if the Clipper reader is not working, then the transit provider should provide free rides -- otherwise there's no incentive for them to fix broken readers. In fact, they can make more revenue with broken readers if people with a monthly pass pay cash -- I'm sure there's a refund procedure, but not everyone is likely to go through it just to get back $2.

Akit said...

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