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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Who Created This Stupid Muni Ad on Fare Evasion?

Muni is on some kind of crazy campaign to remind people to pay their "fare share" or get a nice $75 fine. They plan to return to the classic "saturation raids" starting Thursday.

When I look at this Muni advertisement on the buses and on their website, I can't understand why the fare inspectors are citing a SEA LION!

A sea lion for crying out loud. Do they carry passes or transfers? No; nor do they ride the worst transit system in the nation. Plus, why a creature whose primary transit is on the water? Can't it be someone like SFMTA chief Nat Ford getting caught without payment?

What's next? Write a ticket to a pigeon for eating on the bus? Whoever created this ad should be fired for incompetence.

Photo from SFMTA website.


Erik said...

That ad is funny.

troymccluresf said...

The sea lion is doing a trick.

Eve said...

"Write a ticket to a pigeon for eating on the bus?" HAHA! Akit, you made my day with that line. Seriously.

Mario said...

Lighten up, Akit! Fired? Really? That's harsh.

Anonymous said...

Clearly you're not understanding the "trick" reference. It's actually a pretty clever ad...

Just goes to show you that not everything translates across cultures, nationalities and languages easily.

Rachel said...

I don't know, Akit, I think it's pretty funny!

Anonymous said...

only thing i noticed is that they appear to be showing a lot more respect to the seal than they ever do to paying passengers.

Greg said...

Seals, not likely. But racoons are known patrons of the 18 line: