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Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Muni was Excellent Today - I'm Not Kidding!

As you may know, I frequently blog and Tweet about the bad things Muni does to the public (delays, no-shows, PR embarrassments, etc.), but when they do something right, I praise them too.

Today is a good day on Muni. I took a short ride on the 38AX Geary Express to 33rd Avenue & Geary and found the vehicle astonishingly clean. Just how clean? There was no graffiti on the walls and seats, no garbage anywhere on the floors, and not even any etching on the glass.

Even all the Clipper readers was working "normally" this morning (unlike yesterday) while I stood around for ten minutes at 33rd & Geary waiting for my 18-46th Avenue bus.

Oh... but the fun doesn't end there!

Remember when I told you about the Muni pamphlet thief on the 18-46th Avenue? Every Tuesday and Thursday, he rides the 18 and always steals all the pamphlets from all the pamphlet holders on the bus, then moves to the back of the bus.

I eventually got fed-up with the guy months ago and yelled to the driver to look at his mirror. He got out of his seat and grabbed all of them from him. From that point on, the usual driver would remove all the pamphlets before the bus ever arrived to pick-up the guy; sometimes he stopped just 100 feet short because he forgot to remove and hide them.

OutsideLands Festival Concert - Muni Info (Really Bad Info)

Today was even crazier. The brazen thief, fed-up with no more pamphlets to steal does something incredibly crude, he rips out the temporary announcement posters (the ones in metal frames) located behind the driver's seat (similar to the one in the above photo). He doesn't gently pull it out, he tears out the entire poster and the second one too.

I yelled out "WHAT THE HELL ARE YOU DOING!" and the driver was watching too. The driver was really pissed and so was I; the driver slammed the ban hammer and threatened to refuse to pick-up that passenger ever again. I was so pissed-off and shocked (so was the other passengers), I threatened to call the cops.

The lady sitting in front of me said, the guy is mentally disabled. I responded back to her, I knew that, but that's no excuse for what he has done today and in the past. If the guy wants to conduct more problems, I swear I will call the SFPD. He can take a fucking cab for all I care.

Justice served, again! That made me smile.

Just another day on Muni. A good day on Muni!

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Anonymous said...

Bravo! Thanks for taking this on. Great blog, by the way.