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Monday, July 12, 2010

Learn Where to Get a Free Clipper Card this Tuesday, Wednesday & Thursday

Want a Clipper card but don't want to wait for it in the mail or can't visit a location like a local Walgreens?

You are in luck, Clipper will be giving out cards at multiple locations for the next three days:

Tuesday, July 13th from 7-10AM:
  • Montgomery Street Station
  • MacArthur BART
  • Palo Alto Caltrain
  • Hillsdale Caltrain
  • 14th & Broadway in Oakland
Tuesday, July 13th from 4-7PM:
  • 4th & King Caltrain
  • Embarcadero Station
  • Civic Center Station
  • San Rafael Transit Center
Wednesday, July 14th from 7-10AM:
  • Millbrae Caltrain
  • 19th & Holloway in San Francisco (SF State)
  • Walnut Creek BART
Wednesday, July 14th from 4-7PM:
  • 4th & King Caltrain
  • 16th Street & Mission BART
  • 24th Street & Mission BART
  • Downtown Berkeley BART
  • Golden Gate Transit Ferry Terminal in SF
  • Concord BART
Thursday, July 15th from 7-10AM:
  • Dublin/Pleasanton BART
  • Fremont BART
  • Mountain View Caltrain
  • Redwood City Caltrain
  • Montgomery Station
Thursday, July 15th from 4-7PM:
  • Richmond BART
  • Daly City BART
  • Embarcadero Station
  • San Rafael Transit Center
It's first come, first served. During the first week of Clipper, they ran out of the cards fast.

Remember, they are only distributing adult cards. If you need a youth or senior card, you must apply for one. If you are disabled, apply for a RTC card.

Learn how to use Clipper from the expert (me!), click here for the best instructions in town.

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