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Thursday, July 29, 2010

Muni's Public Relations Office is SLOW! Local Bloggers are Faster (A Month Quicker!)

I find it absolutely strange the SFMTA's PR department decided to send-out a press release on the phaseout of Muni paper passes to mandatory Clipper cards today.

Click here for press release document.
Click here for fact sheet.

Why so strange?

The local blogging community has been forewarning the San Francisco transit riders months in advance about the end of Muni paper passes:

-- On June 9th, Muni Diaries was the first to mention about the mandatory Clipper conversion of the "A" pass.

-- On June 27th, I was able to confirm the deadline dates of other remaining paper passes being phased out from a poster I took a snapshot of at a Cable Car sales booth.

So today's date is July 29th, and that's over a month after my posting and close to two months since Muni Diaries posted the news. How embarrassing. That's our transit agency for you!

Gees Muni, why not pay the local bloggers to do your PR stuff?


Rusty said...

that's not a bad idea. you guys would do a great job! =D

Eugenia said...

Akit! Good idea. We can stand to make some $$$. OR just, $.